Between 15-21 November 2021, Swim Australia is holding its annual SwimSAFER Week.

Nearly 500 registered swim schools will participate in the campaign, and coordinate educational activities for students to gain vital water safety skills.

Swim Australia advocates that swimming year-round, learning and abiding by vital water safety skills, and participating in the SwimSAFER Week will not only help kids become safer, smarter and stronger in the water, but in everyday life as well.


Swim It Forward

As part of SwimSAFER Week this year we are introducing the initiative Swim It Forward. Our research shows 55% of Australian children are not currently in lessons, with a major reason being affordability. This year 12 little ones under five drowned. Learning to swim is a major preventative measures parents can take. Our aim is to help more children receive this vital education. For just $20 (tax deductible) or the cost of one swimming lesson you will be helping those most at risk of drowning. The more children in lessons the lower the risk of drowning. Please help us out

Become a Swimming Teacher

Teach people lifesaving skills and become a Swim Australiaâ„¢ Accredited Swimming Teacher. Swim Teaching is a highly rewarding career teaching kids and adults how to be safe in the water. Swim Teachers are in high demand and it is one way you can help make a difference, enrol today.

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