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Learning to swim has it all!

PJ MASKS powering up swimming for Australian children!

In a groundbreaking partnership, SWIM Australia and AUSTSWIM have united to shed light on a crucial issue—water safety for children under five. With AUSTSWIM on board, SWIMSAFER Week will now boast access to over 1000 swim schools across Australia and adds 31,000 teachers to our mission, making it one of the most comprehensive efforts to date in bolstering the initiative's impact on water safety awareness.

With such widespread support, we aim to reduce the belief that children are too young to start water familiarisation lessons, particularly for the vulnerable 0-5 years age group.

SWIMSAFER Week is a time for parents to re-educate themselves about the importance of learning to swim as one of the top drowning prevention measures. By coming together as a community, including parents, swim schools, teachers, and water safety organisations, we can make a substantial impact on water safety awareness and work towards the ultimate goal of empowering children with the knowledge and skills they need to be safe and confident in the water.

PJ MASKS POWER HEROES powering up swimming for Australian children – Now in their third year!
Once again SWIMSAFER Week, will receive some extraordinary assistance from our superhero friends PJ Masks Power Heroes! In collaboration with Hasbro, a global play and entertainment company, they have joined forces with SWIM Australia and AUSTSWIM to support SWIMSAFER Week. This marks the third consecutive year of their incredible support, and our mission remains the same: to inspire more young children and parents to recognize the importance of swim safety and help children 'power up' their swimming skills.

Click to download some special messages, activities and colouring in from PJ Masks Power Heroes.
From November 18 - 24, 2024, SWIM Australia, in partnership with AUSTSWIM, is proud to present its annual SWIMSAFER Week.

Nearly 1000 registered swim schools across the nation will actively engage in this campaign, orchestrating a wide range of educational activities designed to equip students with vital water safety skills.

SWIM Australia and AUSTSWIM passionately advocate that swimming year-round, learning and abiding by vital water safety skills, and participating in the SWIMSAFER Week, collectively contribute to helping children not only become safer, smarter, and stronger in the water but also in their day-to-day lives.
SWIM It Forward
We are excited to reintroduce the SWIM It Forward initiative as part of this year's SWIMSAFER Week. Our research indicates that 41% of Australian children are currently not enrolled in swimming lessons. Concerns about their children being too young and the perceived cost of swimming lessons are among the top reasons cited by parents. Learning to swim is a fundamental preventive measure that parents can take to ensure their children's safety in and around water.

Our goal is to make this essential education accessible to more children. For just a $20 (tax deductible) or the cost of one swimming lesson you will be helping those most at risk of drowning. The more children we can get into swimming lessons, the lower the risk of drowning becomes. Please help us out.

We are asking Swim Schools and Swim Clubs to jump on board and help us with this worthy cause. Set up your own fundraiser goal, spread the word and start fundraising. Let's get more kids in the pool and learning how to swim.

Head over to the SWIM It Forward project page and sign up. You will get your own fundraising sub-page where you can track your progress, and you will be helping us reach our national goal. Join us in making a real impact.